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  • Poultry Feed Chain Conveyor

    Poultry Feed Chain Conveyor

    Chain conveyor introduction Multi-point loading and multi-point unloading Anti-blocking, anti-chain scission, alarm and other protection can be equipped. Suitable for granary, ports, food processing, feed processing industries granular, powder material transport. SpecificationRead More

  • Poultry Feed Belt Conveyor

    Poultry Feed Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyor introduction Equipped with an automatic lifting device, easy operation Widely used in loading and unloading frequently change site, for the bulk transport or package transport Different lengths are available.Read More

  • Feed Material Precleaner

    Feed Material Precleaner

    Feed material precleaner introduction Material preclean sieve can clean out wheat straw, rice straw, stones, rope and other debris from corn, wheat, rice, soybeans and other materials. It adopts rotating cylindrical screen. SpecificationRead More

  • Permanent Magnetic Cylinder

    Permanent Magnetic Cylinder

    Magnetic Cylinder introduction Stainless steel, magnetic field strength≥2500GS, de-ironing efficiency≥99%. SpecificationRead More

  • Feed Pellet Screener

    Feed Pellet Screener

    Rotary pellet screener description Pellet screener is used to classify different size of pellets. Gearbox adopts non gearwheel drive, greasing is needless. Elastic supporting, greatly decrease noise and improve performance. SpecificationRead More

  • Feed Pellet Distributor

    Feed Pellet Distributor

    Feed pellet distributor introduction Feed distributor is widely used in feeding product bins, batching bins, silos etc. Mechanic self-lock, precise orientation SpecificationRead More

  • Animal Feed Pellet Cooler

    Animal Feed Pellet Cooler

    Feed pellet cooler introduction Cooler Countercurrent air cooling, air lock feeding Countercurrent air flow avoid cold air touch hot pellets directly which cause pellet surface break. Airlock loading avoid inlet air leakage Specification Cooler Countercurrent air cooling,...Read More

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