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Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

Our cattle feed pellet machine processing technologies are available in various models and with optional accessories to offer the optimum solution for your specific production needs.

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Product Details

Cattle feed pellet machine Introduction

Our cattle feed pellet machine processing technologies are available in various models and with optional accessories to offer the optimum solution for your specific production needs.

The cattle feed pellet machines are quite suitable for small pellet feed plant. They have the characteristics of high yield, good performance, low energy consumption, low noise and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal equipment to suppress pellet feed for poultry, livestock, fish and shrimp.



Main components and functions

1) Feeder: feeding raw material into the conditioner.

the feeder is made of stainless steel.

2) Conditioner:  the feed raw material are ripened and sterilized due to the vapor steam. which can improve the digestibility of the feed, promote the absorption, increase the feed meat ratio and reduce the production cost.

the conditioner is made of stainless steel.

3) Vapor steam inlet: connection with steam boiler.

4) Pellet making: ring die and press roller inside work together to make the raw material into pellet.

5) Main motor: driving the pellet making system.


Company advantages

1. Our factory has a complete feed machinery production and testing equipment, outstanding technical strength,

2. Has a certain product design capabilities, technical personnel have received professional technical training, has a wealth of on-site operating experience.

3. Provide users with a variety of high-quality feed production equipment such as crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, crushing, grading, and quantitative packing.

4. It can design and install 1-30 tons of complete feed projects, as well as the design, installation, drying, granulation, cooling and packaging of biomass particles.

5. The products well sold throughout the country and are exported to Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, and Africa.


Our Services

1. Warranty time:

One year, from the date which the product is qualified commissioning. Any damage except the wrong operation during warranty period is repaired freely. But the travel and hotel expenses should be count on buyer.

2. Commissioning services:

The product's installation and commissioning at the demand side, our engineers will not leave there until get your agreement.

3. Training services:

Our engineers will train your staff to operate it during the period of installation and commissioning, and they will not leave until your staff can operate it properly and normally.

4. Maintenance services:

Any malfunction happened, once you enquiry us, we will reply you within 48 hours except the special reasons.

5. Lifelong services:

We provide lifelong services for all the products we sold out, and supply the spare parts with discount price.



1. Q: How is the quality of your goods?

A: We work with many international and domestic group companies and our products are well received by our customers. And we all know that quality is the company's most important thing, and we will always guarantee the best quality.

2. Q: Is your price competitive?

A: We only provide quality products. Of course, we will give you the best ex-factory price based on the best quality products and services.

3. Q: Is it possible to know that how are my products going on without visiting your company?

A: Yes. We will provide a detailed production plan and send a weekly report containing digital pictures and videos to show you the production process.

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