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Structure And Working Principle Of Feed Grinder
- Jan 26, 2018 -

This series grinder shell uses the steel plate welding structure, the electric motor and the grinder is mounted on the same base, motor shaft and spindle using straight point elastic coupling transmission, accurate and smooth transmission, rotor dynamic balance check, and can be positive and negative to work, the operation of the door has interlocking devices (except 56x36), to ensure that the rotor rotation, the operation of the door does not open , the feed mouth at the top of the grinder, can be matched with various forms of feeding mechanism, hammer symmetrical arrangement.

When the grinder is working, the material is fed into the top by the feeding mechanism which is matched with the machine, the feeding guide plate is directed from the left or right into the crushing chamber, and the material is crushed gradually under the action of the High speed rotary hammer and the sieve plate friction, and is discharged through the sieve hole from the base discharging port under the centrifugal force and action.

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