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Quality Difference Of Pellet Feed Products
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The quality of pellet feed products is the basis for the healthy development of feed industry. It is directly related to the production benefits of the aquaculture industry, the interests of users and the reputation of feed factories. At the same time, the stability of feed products is also an important guarantee for the development of feed industry and animal husbandry. However, there is a certain discrepancy between finished product quality and formulation design in pellet feed production.

1. Effect of feed raw material quality

Raw materials are the basis of the quality of finished feed products. Feed mills are made of raw materials from all sides. Even if the same raw materials are produced in different places, varieties, soils, harvesting methods, maturity, processing methods, climatic conditions, moisture content and mildew degree, the nutrient content varies greatly. Especially in the season of shortage of feed raw materials, the variety is more miscellaneous, the quality is worse, and the adulteration is serious. In this case, we must pay attention to the analysis of raw materials, accumulate and sort out the data of common raw materials, carry out finished product inspection, and find out the difference and regularity of raw materials.

In addition, the storage time of raw materials will also affect their nutritional value, and the problem of additive premix is more prominent. If the additives are poor in stability, they will fail rapidly under ultraviolet and oxidation. Vitamins are easy to oxidize, and sulfate is easy to absorb moisture and moisture.

2. batching effect

The accuracy of batching directly affects the quality of finished products. In formulation design, the accuracy usually reaches the last two decimal points, but it can not reach this level in actual production. The key to the accurate realization of formula design is the batching metering equipment in feed mill. Whether the advance design of various raw material batching is reasonable or not is the key to affect the batching accuracy when the computer controls the batching.

3.Effect of mixing uniformity

Mixing uniformity is an important quality index, which means that the actual composition of every diet consumed by products and even livestock and poultry is consistent with the formulation design. Because the physical properties of the micro-components of the premix vary greatly, and the amount of some components added is small, it is more difficult to ensure the uniform distribution of the premix.

4. pelletizing effect

Due to the high temperature and high pressure in the granulation process, the nutrients in feed are destroyed to varying degrees, especially to vitamins and enzymes. The addition of steam and water in the granulation usually causes partial decomposition and enzymes to fail.

5. moisture content of finished products


The high moisture content of the finished product will result in the relative decrease of various nutrients, and the excessive moisture will accelerate the decomposition of vitamins and other components. The total moisture content in granulation is determined by the moisture content of powder and vapor addition. When the feed composed of different raw materials enters the cooling tower, the difference of moisture content is relatively large. The requirement of cooling time and ventilation rate for the difference of particle size and composition of pellet feed is also different, if the working state of cooling air-drying system is all the same. If it is constant, it will inevitably lead to the difference of water content in the final product. Packaging is the last process to determine the water content of the finished product. Because the heat transformed by environmental temperature and mechanical transmission energy is different in different batches of feed, when the material temperature is too high, the water content will also rise. ,

6. Effect of static electricity

In the process of feed processing, due to the electrostatic effect of friction, some materials are adhering to the equipment and mixed into other materials, resulting in cross-contamination. Especially, several trace components are influenced by static electricity.


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