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How To Buy Sawdust Particle Machine?
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1, the appearance of quality, sawdust particles on the surface of the painting should be uniform and firm, can not be leaking paint and off, the surface polished bright, no peeling and rust.
2, motor and reducer brand, our production of sawdust particle machine are domestic brand, quality assurance.
3, sawdust particle machine in the pressure wheel and the gap between the mold is not adjusted, this directly affects whether the particle machine can be normal production.
4, adjust the different position of the particle cutter, and repeatedly lock the nut, check its function is reliable.
5, there is the mold of the material, the general selection of stainless steel, longer service life.
6, the last is the weight of sawdust particle machine, the greater the weight of the production machine more stable.