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How Is The Animal Feed Processing Machine Selected?
- Mar 17, 2018 -

The choice of animal feed processing machine is very particular, first according to the actual production capacity selection, general animal feed processing machine instructions and the nameplate contains the rated production capacity of the equipment, but it should still be combined with practical conditions.


Second, select the nature of the raw materials to be considered in animal feed processing machines.For smashed cereal feeds, a hammer mill with a top feed can be selected;For crush gluten wheat feed, you can choose claw mill;If good versatility is required, crushed grains are the main ingredient, and both pie crumbs and stalks can be taken into account,A tangential feed hammer mill can be selected.


The layout of animal feed processing machines is also one of the key factors.There are three ways to choose: blanking, suction and mechanical conveying.Among them, small stand-alone machines use self-heavy cutting methods to simplify the structure.Most of the medium-sized animal feed processing machines have negative pressure suction devices.


When selecting an animal feed processor, do not ignore power and energy saving.The choice of power can neither be too large nor too small. Both the machine specification and the nameplate contain the power kilowatts of the motor for the animal feed processing machine. It often has a certain range.


In the processing of animal feed processing machines, the dust and noise in the working environment mainly come from the machine, so the two environmental sanitation indicators should be fully considered when selecting the type. If it is necessary to use animal feed processing machines with high noise and dust, noise and dust prevention measures should also be taken to improve the working environment and the health of operators.