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Development History Of Belt Conveyor
- Jan 26, 2018 -

In ancient China, the high rotary truck and water rollover, is the modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor in the embryonic form; in 17th century, the use of aerial ropeway to transport scattered materials; the 19th century century, a variety of modern structure of the conveyor has emerged. In the 1868, a belt conveyor appeared in the United Kingdom; in 1887, a screw conveyor appeared in the US; In 1905, a steel belt conveyor appeared in Switzerland; In 1906, there were inertial conveyors in England and Germany.

Since then, the conveyor by the mechanical manufacturing, electrical, chemical and metallurgical industry, the impact of technological progress, and constantly improve, gradually by the completion of the workshop within the delivery, development to complete within the enterprise, between the enterprises and even between the material handling, become the material handling system mechanization and automation indispensable components.