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Cattle Feed Making Machine Cleaning Cycles And Cleaning Raw Materials
- Mar 28, 2018 -

After the cattle feed making machine is used up, it is necessary to do a proper cleaning and cleaning work, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of problems such as blocking materials and machine wear during the next use. What should you watch out for when cleaning cattle feed making machine?


The first is the cleaning and cleaning cycle of the cattle feed machine. In general, the feed processing companies clean the feed once every time they are processed. However, the cattle feed manufacturers recommend that the machine be swept away once a month, so that it can be carefully cleaned. Appropriately extend the life of the cattle feed making machine.


Followed by the cleaning raw materials used in cattle feed production machinery, if it is processing materials, corn should be the best cleaning materials, not only can make the equipment more clean, but also according to the actual processing conditions back into the corresponding feed, the second cycle .


If the cattle feed making machine processes concentrates, it is best to use raw materials for cleaning. However, it is not recommended to use bran materials for equipment cleaning. This is because cleaning is not clean. If it is necessary to use it, it is recommended to choose a finer one, Add some grease to it. After cleaning, it can also be added to the feed mixer for recycling, or it can be directly mixed with bran stone raw material and washed in a ratio of 2:1.


After cleaning the cattle feed machine, how do you handle the remaining cleaning ingredients? Under normal circumstances, the raw materials for the cleaning and cleaning of the cattle feed maker are best blended into feed products containing the same ingredients or added in batches to certain products to increase their utilization.