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Cage-type Roller Screen To Pay Attention To
- Jan 26, 2018 -

To drum-type conveying confidential longer service life, the normal operation of the correct and often maintain these two points must not be less.
Generally speaking, cage-type drum screen boot to open the cage-type drum screen and then open the feeding equipment, but at the end of the work must stop the feeding equipment and then turn off the drum screen, and if you are new to buy the machine, then run the first few days to check regularly to ensure that the firmware is not any loose, Of course, if all is normal then the next 10 days and a half months to look at the line.
Then there is use to pay attention to lubrication conditions or cause the bearing overheating and damage is not good.
The last special reminder is that if the long-term idle words to restart the motor insulation should be used to shake the test to avoid burning the motor.