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Why use a forage Grass Feed Pellet Machine?
- May 14, 2018 -

As we all know, pasture is very common in the northern grasslands, and this natural grassland is an excellent natural pasture and mowing field, which plays an important role in the development of animal husbandry and the protection of the ecological environment in the north. The Grass Feed Pellet Machine is a machine that can compress pasture, straw, straw, barnyard grass, grass powder and other raw materials into granular products.


The Grass Feed Pellet Machine is used in a wide range and classified according to its use, it can be mainly divided into feed granule machine and fuel granule machine. The characteristics of forage grass, such as wide adaptability, strong stress resistance, high yield and good feed value, have long been highly concerned by the scientific and technological community and industry. How can these resources be fully utilized? At present, most users choose to use a pellet mill to press it into pellets for livestock use.


It can be seen that, in fact, grass particles machine belongs to a specialized feed processing equipment, mainly used to suppress feed pellets such as cattle and sheep. The reason why or is loved by many users is that the operation of the device is very simple. The device can be used to process high-fiber pellet feeds because it uses flat molds and press rolls as granulation components. These two components can generate enough force on the raw materials to squeeze the fibers. Into the granules, preserve the forage nutrition.


Not only that, the feed pellets usually processed by the herb pellet mill have a large hardness, so it is convenient when storing and transporting, which in turn saves part of the transportation cost. Moreover, this feed pellet can also prevent cattle, sheep and other livestock picky eaters, and has achieved a balanced nutritional effect.


For different application requirements, users can choose suitable forage pellet machine models, such as large-scale breeding plants, feed mills can choose to use large particle machines. For small and medium-sized farms and feed mills, the use of small feed pelletizers is sufficient. Moreover, the small pasture pellet machine has a small footprint, is easy to use, simple to operate, and easier to use.