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What is special about the water drop type hammer mill
- Jul 13, 2018 -

As a mechanical device, the water drop type hammer mill  is not only advanced in its performance, but also superior in configuration. At present, the mill is widely used for crushing various raw materials such as large and medium-sized feed mills, lemon plants, food factories, etc., and can be finely pulverized and finely pulverized. Such a special pulverizer can be used to pulverize some wet materials.


From the aspect of configuration analysis, the water drop type hammer mill is specially equipped with a built-in rotor, so that in the production process, it can ensure that the crushing has no dead angle, and the finished product has a more uniform granularity; at the same time, a shiftable full-open operation door is adopted, so that the user Easy to operate and maintain. The machine body is embedded and sealed, completely avoiding dust spillage and clean working environment.


Moreover, after the water drop type hammer mill is processed, the obtained finished product not only has a finer and more uniform particle size, but also has a high-quality bearing running smoothly and a low temperature rise during operation of the device. Moreover, the screen of the water drop type hammer mill uses a staggered perforated screen for unobstructed discharge; the quick-opening door opening mechanism and the elastic screen mechanism are easy to operate and maintain.