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What degree of crushing operations can feed mills perform?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Smashing is a process in which external force overcomes intermolecular cohesion and breaks it up. Feed crushers can perform different degrees of crushing in different ways. They are crushing, crushing, crushing, sawing, etc. How to achieve it?


The feed crusher crushes the material mainly by high-speed running parts, and the impact generates cracks. This method has high productivity, low calorific value, and less ash powder suitable for adding brittle materials.


The smashing is the use of the hard surface of the two original disks in the feed mill, which is engraved with the alveolus. The feed is subjected to friction and fracturing. The advantage is that the production cost is lower and the required power is smaller. The disadvantage is that the The feed temperature is higher, the powder is more, the crushing degree is not easy to control, and it is suitable for processing more plastic materials.


The feed crusher can also crush the equipment and use two smooth-surfaced pressure rollers to rotate at the same speed to crush the feed. This is commonly used to flatten barley and other feeds for large animal husbandry. Sawmilling uses two rollers with different teeth on the surface and different speeds to chop the material. The advantage is that it is easy to excavate the thickness, has a small amount of momentum, is easy to store, and is suitable for processing cereal materials, cake residue and the like.