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What are the special requirements for the lubrication of chicken feed pellet machines?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Chicken feed pellet mill is specially used to produce chicken feed. Chicken feed is used to feed chickens. Its safety is very important for feeding and production. The poisonous side effects caused by the pollution in processing can not be ignored. This adds special requirements to the lubrication of chicken feed granulators.


On the one hand, the lubrication of the chicken feed pellet machine is indispensable. On the other hand, the equipment lubrication also requires that the processing materials cannot be contaminated so as not to affect the feed quality. In order to meet this requirement, chicken feed pellet machine machinery has taken remedial measures in the design.


First of all, strict sealing devices such as packing seals, mechanical seals, labyrinth seals, floating ring seals, etc. are installed at the places where chicken feed pelletizers need to be lubricated to prevent leakage of lubricants; secondly, special materials that are not required to be lubricated are used as much as possible. , Such as oil-bearing bearings, to prevent equipment lubrication caused by feed pollution.


In spite of this, we still need to add more to the lubrication of chicken feed pellets, try to use lubricants that have good sterilization, antibacterial properties, and no toxic or side effects. At present, there are many lubricants used exclusively for feeding chicken feed pellets. Its biggest difference from ordinary lubricants is that its ingredients, including base oils and additives, are harmless. The components are relatively pure and contain less sulfur and aromatic components. With low water content, it is not easy to oxidize and emulsify.


On this basis, we must also adopt appropriate methods and operate with care. For example, when the chicken feed pellet machine is refueled, pay attention to the proper amount and avoid excessive spillage. After filling the grease, remove the waste grease and re-seal the cover, taking care not to damage or damage it. Seals and seals should be replaced promptly after they have been damaged. When refueling the chain, brush with a light brush and do not allow the oil to fall onto the material.


In actual operation, the chicken feed pellet oil must be properly kept, and should be dust-proof, waterproof, mechanically resistant, unusable lubricants prohibited, and other non-food-grade oils or sundries, especially contaminated items. Mixed together. Moreover, special tools must be used to clean and maintain after use to eliminate sources of process quality pollution.