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What are the factors to consider when purchasing an animal feed grinder?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

When using animal feed mills to grind raw materials, it is important to pay attention to the principle of feed grinding. This is an important feed production method. The quality of the equipment will directly affect the output and quality of animal feed, and in turn relates to animals. Feeding value.


The animal feed grinder is capable of making all kinds of feed particles after the destruction of the material, improving and progressing the mixing station together with other processing processes, and can satisfy extrusion granulation by means of grinding. Grinding of the material by the animal feed grinder is achieved by a high-speed rotary hammer.


Of course, the ideal grinding effect is also related to the correct selection of the machine. In general, the specification and the nameplate of the animal feed mill contain the determined production capacity. However, when selecting animal feed mills, their productivity should be slightly larger than the actual required production capacity.


At the same time, according to the grinding raw materials, it is necessary to select an appropriate animal feed grinder according to the selection of grinding raw materials; for the grinding grain feed, the hammer feeding grinding machine can be selected as the top feeding material; Optional jaw grinding machine; if you require good versatility, mainly to grind the grain, and take into account the cake and straw, you can choose the tangential feed hammer mill.


The finished product after grinding by the animal feed mill can be output by the discharge device in three ways, namely, self-weight blanking, negative pressure suction, and mechanical transport, which are also needed during equipment selection. Generally speaking, small single machines mostly use self-heavy cutting methods to simplify the structure. Most of the medium-sized grinders have negative pressure suction devices to improve the crushing efficiency.


There is also the matching power and energy saving of the animal feed grinder. The machine manual and the nameplate all contain the power kilowatts of the supporting motor. It often indicates that it is not a fixed number but has a certain range. Considering that animal feed mills consume a certain amount of energy when they are working, energy conservation should be considered when purchasing.