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What are the basis for the purchase of poultry feed hammer mill grinder?
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The poultry feed hammer mill grinder is mainly used for feed crushing of various poultry feeds to increase the surface area of the feed and adjust the particle size, increase the surface area and improve the palatability, and is easy to contact with the digestive liquid in the digestive edge, which is conducive to improving the digestibility and better absorption. Feed nutrient composition.


When selecting a poultry feed hammer mill grinder, the first step is to use raw materials as the basis. For example, a crushed cereal feed can be selected as a hammer mill with a top-feed, and a gluten-based wheat feed as a staple. Optional jaw crusher; if it requires good versatility, such as crushed grain, taking into account the cake and the straw, you can choose the tangential feed hammer mill; crushed shells and other mineral feed, can use the shell without sieve type Crusher; If used as a pre-mixed feed pre-processing, requires the product to be fine granule size can be adjusted according to need, should use a special non-screen mill.


The second is to select the poultry feed hammer mill grinder based on the production capacity and matching power. Both of these parameters are shown in the description and nameplate of the crusher; or the poultry feed crusher can be selected in a nested manner. There are three ways to export the smashed finished product through the nesting device: self-punching, negative pressure suction and mechanical transport. The small independent use of self-weight mode simplifies the structure; most medium-sized pulverizers use negative pressure suction devices, which have the advantages of absorbing finished product moisture, reducing the humidity of the finished product, facilitating storage, increasing the crushing efficiency by 10%-15%, and reducing dust in the dust chamber.


In addition, poultry feed hammer mill grinder can use dust, noise, and energy conservation as the basis for selection. At present, the output per kilowatt-hour produced by domestic hammer mills is much higher than the above-mentioned regulations, and the quality has reached 70-75 kg/kWh.