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What are the advantages of choosing a small feed granulator
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Speaking of small feed pellet machines, it should be very convenient to use and have a high value of use. It is a good feed machinery and equipment in the future development. The structure of the small feed pellet machine is also very characteristic. Like some large pelletizers, the entrance of the small feed pellet mill is at the top, and it can be poured directly at the top when the feed needs to be processed. However, it should be noted that the feed pelletizer must be poured evenly.


One advantage of small feed pellet machines is that they cannot be compared with other pellet machines, that is, the machine itself can adjust a lot of feed processing methods, and the processing size can be adjusted, which is much simpler than a large feed pellet machine. Therefore, small feed pelletizers have slowly become a special product for feed processing.


Small feed pellet machines can press mixed pellets or feed pellets into pellets of different sizes. The price of this product is also very cheap. After being put into use, it is not only a feed pellet machine but also can be used. Processing some other pelletizers is also very effective.


Due to changes in consumer demand and aquaculture structure, the structure of feed products in China has undergone major changes, and the demand for small feed pellet machines has become higher and higher, which has become the biggest bright spot in the development of the feed industry.