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Water Drop Type Feed Hammer Mill preparation and use instructions
- May 12, 2018 -

At present, before the production of pellet feed, it is often necessary to crush the raw materials first, and thus a feed hammer mill is used. Feed Hammer Mill is mainly used to crush various feeds and all kinds of roughage. Its main role is to increase the surface area of feed and adjust the particle size performance, but also help to improve the palatability of feed, help improve digestibility, and better absorb feed. nutrient content.


So, what needs to be prepared in advance before using the feed hammer mill? First of all, pay attention to the equipment installed and fixed. If working in the same place for a long time, it is recommended that the crusher be fixed on the cement foundation. If the working site is frequently changed, it is recommended that the crusher and motor be fixed on a stand made of angle iron. After the equipment is installed, it is necessary to check the degree of tightening of its various parts, and if loose parts or screws should be tightened.


In the case of confirming that all of the above are normal, it is also necessary to look at the operation status of the feed crusher equipment, and in particular, whether the tooth jaws, the hammer blades, and the rotor are operated smoothly or not. The staff can turn the rotor by hand, and the rotor steering should be in the same direction as the arrow on the plane. Drag the belt by hand to check if the moving part is flexible.


During the operation of the feed hammer mill, attention should be paid to the normal operation, and the pulleys must not be replaced at will to prevent the crushing room from exploding when the rotation speed is too high, or the rotation speed is too low to affect the working efficiency. Under normal circumstances, after the crushing station is started, it will idle for a few minutes, and it will be determined that normal conditions can be used for feeding production. It is important to keep in mind that during the work, the operation of the crusher should always be kept in mind, and the feeding should be uniform so as not to block the boring cars and not to overload them for a long time.


If you encounter a sudden problem, you must shut down the feed crusher equipment in time, and continue to work until troubleshooting. In addition, before the feed hammer mill crushes, it is necessary to carefully inspect the raw materials so as to prevent accidents such as hard objects such as copper, iron and stones entering the crushing room.