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Use and operation specifications of the water drop type hammer mill
- Sep 12, 2018 -

The water drop type hammer mill is mainly composed of a rotor, a feed nip roll, a casing, a discharge screen and a power system. It is a typical granulation equipment and one of the main decontamination equipment. The main motor rotates the hammer at a high speed through the belt drive, repeatedly hammers and shears the film entering between the hammer and the feeding roller, breaks into a granular shape, and is discharged from the semicircular mesh hole at the bottom of the machine.


When the rotor of the water drop type hammer mill rotates at a high speed, the hammer becomes radiated due to the centrifugal force. After the material is rolled by the feeding roller, it enters the machine and is immediately broken into particles by the impulse and tearing action of the hammer, and the particles are discharged from the sieve opening in the bottom of the machine. The water drop type hammer mill does not rely on the entire energy of the rotor component to crush the material, but mainly relies on the work done by the kinetic energy of the hammer to complete the material crushing.


Before the water-drop hammer mill is turned on, check the machine for tools and sundries, and open the valve to check whether the parts and the discharge screen are damaged. At the same time, appropriate lubricating oil should be added to each lubrication part. After starting the machine, run for 2 minutes, observe the machine, and if it is running normally, it can be fed and granulated. In the granulation process, if abnormal noise or vibration is found in the machine, stop the inspection immediately; after the granulation operation is completed, the cleaning work must be done.http://www.bio-pelletmill.com/