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Unique process and operation requirements of aquatic feed pellet machine
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Aquatic feed pellet machine is mainly used in the process of crude fiber granulation, such as: wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds and other crop straws and factory waste, low bonding rate, difficult to form The material granulation can also be applied to low temperature granulation such as biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

1. The aquatic feed pellet machine is dry and dry, no need to dry (the raw material moisture is not lower than the national export water standard 13%). Use differential, universal joint drive, with motor or diesel engine. Low energy consumption, high output and easy operation.

2. Using extrusion granulation, polishing and shaping new technology, thoroughly solve the traditional granulation process, the organic raw material addition is low (about 30%), using three extrusions, the pressing zone is increased to three pressure rollers, and the fan surface is obliquely opened. Pressure roller, reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, low energy consumption and high output.

3. It can produce spherical pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer; the particles are uniform, smooth, round, high strength and good fluidity.

4. The three-in-one machine with unique process is used to complete the whole process of low-temperature drying, cooling and screening at one time, with less equipment investment and low operating cost. The survival rate of microbial bacteria is >90%