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Understanding the pre-failure symptoms of poultry feed pellet mill can effectively avoid faults
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Poultry feed pellet mills found that particles appeared uneven on the surface, and even there were a lot of extra wounds on the pellets. In terms of this issue, it was explained that the blade inside the poultry feed pellet machine equipment had a problem, if the blade was intact, the production was The surface of the particles is very smooth and almost uniform in size. At this time, we should apply lubrication or other effective treatment to the blade.


The surface of the particles is too smooth, which is also a problem. This can indicate that the hard feed of the pellets in the poultry feed is too high and the compression of the ring die is relatively small. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to increase the compression hole. This phenomenon is rare and almost rare. This problem will be encountered, but it should be avoided as much as possible during early construction. The first thing to do is to inspect the raw materials before construction to see if there are any hard objects. This is very important.


When the moisture content of the granules is too high, jamming will often occur. On this aspect, we should try to construct the granules after testing them. If moisture is too high, we must dry them out or dry them to avoid them. Constructing the material when the particles are wet will increase the load on the machinery, which will affect the normal operation of the poultry feed pellet machine equipment.


The phenomenon that the machinery of the poultry feed pellet machine itself is cracked is actually quite obvious. The general poultry feed pellet machine will hear from the sound when the fault occurs, and the pellet machine will make a loud noise or a lot of noise when it operates. The noise, this phenomenon shows that there has been a failure.


When the poultry feed pellet machine equipment fails, we must stop the inspection. After the poultry pellet feed pellet machine equipment is put into use, we often encounter the problem of the quality of the machine itself. Most of the reasons are due to the customer's long time. Due to the use of the product, we must pay attention to this when we run the pelletizer. We cannot use it for a long time.