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Tips for selecting aquatic feed pellet machines
- Jun 09, 2018 -

When selecting aquafeed pellet machines, first check the startup performance of the pelletizer. There are several engines that must be started consecutively to check the starting performance. Then there is an empty run check. Under normal operating speed, run continuously for more than a quarter of an hour to check if the machine is running smoothly, with or without abnormal sound. After the end of the operation, check whether there is any oil leakage on the joint surface and the sealing surface; whether there is overheating in each bearing position and the transmission case.


In order to ensure that the aquafeed pellets can produce high-quality feed in the later stages, it is also necessary to check the operational performance of the equipment. Through actual operation of the machine, check whether the operation is convenient and whether there is any deviation. If you cannot test the machine, you can manually check the operation of the machine and check whether the rotating parts are flexible and have any stagnation.


Whether the equipment has perfect protection is also the key to quality. Therefore, in the process of selecting aquatic feed pellet machines, it is necessary to pay attention to its protective devices. We must choose products that have reliable protective measures, have hidden dangers and have warning signs. This will not only ease the use but also avoid accidents. If some product protection cover is optional, do not try to save the protection cover and use it for your own use.


The last is to compare the price of aquafeed pellet mills. The choice of aquatic feed pellets must be based on their own capacity and functional needs, and the prices should be properly compared. If the price of the same type of product is too low, the quality of such machines is often difficult to guarantee. In similar products, it is recommended to buy a mid-priced product. For the same brand and model product, under the premise of eliminating the inventory machine and returning machine, compare the distributors and select the products with relatively low prices.


When the purchased aquatic feed pellet machine is in use, its internal bearing should be cleaned and filled with lubricant once within three months. The roller bearing is filled with lubricant once a month; meanwhile, check whether the fastening bolts are loose or not. Pay special attention to the bottom four corner adjustment nuts, use a period of time to adjust upwards to ensure that the gear clearance is reasonable.http://www.bio-pelletmill.com/