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Three main points in the process of animal feed particle machine maintenance
- May 26, 2018 -

Every kind of mechanical equipment needs regular maintenance. Animal feed pellet machine is no exception. Its inspection and maintenance mainly focuses on three aspects. The first is about the repair and replacement of the internal sieves of animal feed pellet machines. The screens here are made by punching thin steel plates and processed by heat treatment. The corresponding inspection and repairing processes must also be mastered.


When the animal feed particle machine screen wears or is broken by foreign matter, if the damaged area is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering; if the large area is damaged, the new screen should be replaced. When installing the screens, the burr-side of the screen should be facing inwards, and the screen should be closely attached to the screen frame. In order to improve the output of the animal feed pellet machine screen, the screen installed on the front side that rotates clockwise can increase the diameter of the opposite screen mesh by φ0.5. The specific need to configure the mesh aperture according to the particle fineness requirements.


Followed by the lubrication and replacement of bearings in animal feed pellet machines, usually the machine cleans the bearings after every 300 hours of operation. If the bearing is grease-lubricated, grease is filled with 1/3 of the clearance of the bearing seat, which is not more than 1/2. If the bearing is overheated, the main bearing will be heated. Only the cover-type oil cup cover is tightened slightly before operation.


On the other hand, it is the inspection and replacement of hammers in animal feed pellet machines. As a wearing part in the equipment, it is also an important component that affects the granulation quality and productivity. Therefore, the hammers of animal feed pellet machines should be timely Replace it to ensure that the ideal feed pellets are made.


The pellets in the animal feed pellet machine are symmetrically installed in groups. When the sharp corners of the hammers are blunt, they can be reversed and used. If the two corners of one end are worn out, they should be turned around. When adjusting or turning the head, all the hammers should be carried out at the same time. After the four corners of the hammer are worn, they should all be replaced. Note that the weight of the two hammers in each group must be equal, and the total weight of the group must not exceed 5 grams.


In addition, other parts of the animal feed pellet machine, including the main shaft, hammer plate, positioning sleeve, pin shaft, etc., should be installed after the dynamic balance test, in order to maintain the balance of the rotor to prevent unit vibration. In addition, when the wear diameter of the pin shaft is reduced by 1 mm from the original size and the diameter of the circular hole of the hammer plate is 1 mm larger than the original size, the pin shaft should be replaced in time.