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The use of the forage grass granule machine and its correct use
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Forage grass granulator is a professional feed equipment used to extrude grass into pellet feed, but freshly harvested grass is not suitable for immediate processing into pellet feed. Many cases have proved that the use of pelleted pellets to improve the nutritional health of livestock and poultry is not only prevent the disease of livestock and poultry, but also increase the palatability of livestock and poultry, thus improving the economic benefits of farming users. Increased farmers' income.


The grass granule machine is suitable for processing pelletized feed with high fiber content because the pellet feeder uses a flat die and a pressure roller as granulation parts, which can generate sufficient force on the raw materials to make The fiber is extruded into granules, and the hardness of the granules is large, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and also prevents the animals such as rabbits and goats from picky eating.


If it is necessary to use fresh pasture directly into pelleted feed, artificial drying can be used for dehydrated grass powder production. The fresh alfalfa and the crop straw are mixed by the forage grass machine to make the grass pellet feed. On the one hand, the liquid juice of the alfalfa grass is fully utilized, on the other hand, the palatability of the crop straw is improved, the density of the straw feed is increased, and the harvesting is improved. Food intake, improve the weight gain performance of cattle and sheep.