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The use and mechanical characteristics of cattle feed making machine
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The cattle feed making machine is a small and medium-sized pellet feed processing equipment specially designed for rural households and small farms. It can process straw, straw pellets, and organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer pellets to provide cattle with the necessary feed.

The structure of the cattle feed manufacturing machine is relatively simple and the floor area is also very small, but its adaptability is very strong. It can not only include wood chips, rice hulls, cotton stalks, cottonseeds, weeds and other crop stalks, household garbage, etc. Factory wastes, materials with low adhesion and difficult to form into pellets, can also be used for low-temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and compound fertilizers.

In the granulation process of the cattle feed making machine, the powdered feed and the grass powder can be granulated without adding liquid, so that the prepared feed is more convenient to store because its moisture content is basically the moisture content of the material before granulation. No major changes have occurred.

The pellets produced by the cattle feed machine not only have high hardness, smooth surface, and a degree of internal deployment, but also can increase the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and can kill common pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and are suitable for cattle or other livestock. Higher economical benefits than mixed powdered feeds.

The cattle feed making machine can adapt to different materials, ensure the suppression effect, improve the quality of the formed pellet feed, and provide more powerful protection for the cattle breeding. In addition to cattle feed making machine, Manufacturers will also provide feed making machine designed for different animals and poultry.