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The unique advantages and performance characteristics of the grain crusher hammer mill
- Jan 15, 2019 -

The grain crusher hammer mill is a good equipment introduced on the market. It has been used in the ultra-fine crushing work in the grain field for a long time. It is used in the granulator to complete the ultra-fine crushing operation. The grain crusher hammer mill process has been fully realized. Grinding requirements, the cost is greatly reduced, greatly improving efficiency and investment costs.

The grain crusher hammer mill adopts the full screen sieve plate structure design, which makes the same quilting discharge area double the traditional sieve plate; and the hammer head specially developed for the hammer mill adopts high hardness and high toughness. The combined composite material can meet the wear requirements at high speeds.

The use of the grain crusher hammer mill not only greatly improves the efficiency of the whole process, but also is the main equipment for granulation; equipment investment has also been significantly reduced, increasing production; in addition, the grain crusher hammer mill system process is simple and easy Operation, low maintenance cost, low failure rate, small footprint, and equipment are very popular among users.