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The role of feed mixer in feed production process
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Mixing is a key process in the process of producing feed, which mixes all kinds of materials after mixing. It is the main link to ensure the quality of feed and improve feed efficiency. At the same time in the feed factory, the productivity of the feed mixer determines the size of the plant.


In the feed factory, the mixing of the feed mixer has two major categories, one is pre-mixing: trace elements required by various animals, including vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, amino acids, drugs, etc., premixed with the carrier. The purpose is to shorten the mixing cycle of the full-price compound feed without affecting the uniform distribution of trace amounts of raw materials.


There is also the final stage of mixing: a variety of feed ingredients, according to the requirements of the ratio of raw materials, the meter is fed into the feed mixer to make the full-price compound feed needed for animal growth. The feed mixer is a mixture of various materials under the action of external force, so that the particles of each component are evenly distributed in any volume.


Although there are different methods of mixing, including agitation mixing; rotary mixing drum rotary mixing; jet mixing; mixing by compressed air, steam or liquid, mixing is accomplished by the effects of vibration, ultrasonic waves, and the like. However, it is often mixed with a feed mixer, which is widely used in agitation and mixing.