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The role and significance of animal feed hammer mill
- Sep 19, 2018 -

The animal feed hammer mill mainly grinds and pulverizes the raw materials of the feed. The main purpose of the grinding and pulverizing is to increase the surface area of the feed and adjust the particle size, increase the surface area, improve the palatability, and easily contact with the digestive juice in the digestive edge, which is beneficial to Improve digestibility and better absorb nutrients in feed.


Particle to grinding and pulverizing of raw materials is a major part of the whole feed processing process, and by pulverizing, the total surface area per unit mass of raw material particles can be increased, the solubility of feed nutrients in animal digestive juice can be increased, and the digestibility of animals can be improved. In fact, the size of the raw material granulated by the animal feed mill has a very important influence on the subsequent processing steps such as granulation and the quality of the finished product.


Moreover, the degree of grinding and pulverizing of the raw material of the animal feed hammer mill directly affects the production cost. When producing the powdery compound feed, the power consumption of the pulverization process is about 50% to 70% of the total power consumption. The smaller the pulverization particle size, the more favorable it is for the animal to digest and absorb, and the more favorable it is for granulation, but at the same time the power consumption will increase accordingly, and vice versa.