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The reason of belt conveyor broken belt
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1, gear reducer damage, hydraulic coupler spray or motor reversal.
2, conveyor belt joint quality problem. Conveyor belt joints are divided into mechanical joints and vulcanization joints, the quality of mechanical joints is far inferior to vulcanization joints, so it has been rarely used, in the case of vulcanizing joints, if not according to the requirements to control vulcanization temperature and vulcanization pressure, temperature and pressure on the vulcanizing plate uneven distribution, temperature and pressure to maintain the time set unreasonable, The use of unreasonable materials has influence on vulcanization process.
3, transport caused by other things involved in the sudden increase in transport load, such as large pieces of gangue or other objects of special mass suddenly mixed in the transport of coal.
4. The stress changes when starting and stopping. Belt conveyor start-up and parking will also cause the conveyor belt fracture, it is generally best to start the conveyor under no-load.
5, conveyor belt its own quality does not pass, conveyor belt service life is too long, conveyor belt for a long time overload transport, day-to-day maintenance is not in place.
6, material distribution uneven, conveyor belt deviation. Belt Conveyor has no-load section and Overload section, so that the belt load uneven.