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The process of feed pellet mills producing high quality feed pellets
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Since feeds made with feed pellet mills are so good, it's time to learn how to produce the ideal product using this equipment. When using a feed pellet machine to make pellets, it usually takes four steps: crushing, batching, mixing, and granulating.


The first is the crushing process in the production process of the feed pellet machine. When the materials are crushed, various feed materials are crushed to a size suitable for animal consumption, so that the compound feed product can obtain better feeding efficiency and economic benefits.


Followed by the ingredients and mixing stage, in the ingredients need to pay attention to the proportion of various materials, different ingredients than the feed sometimes produced will be different. Then the material to be mixed is mixed in a feed pellet machine, and stirring is also required.


The granulation stage of the feed granulator should control the temperature, time, and moisture addition of quenching and tempering, so that the state after conditioning is suitable for granulation; also control the powdered feed ratio, cooling temperature and moisture, particle uniformity, Consistency, water resistance. To achieve these requirements, you need to have a reasonable granulation, cooling, screening equipment.


It is important to remind everyone that safety checks such as power supply must be performed before using feed pellet machines. During the operation of the pellet machine, it is necessary to observe whether or not foreign objects fall into the equipment, whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether there are cards, bumps, and so on.