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The problem of loose material leakage of scraper conveyor
- Jan 26, 2018 -

In the course of transportation, baseband mainly bear tensile force, the use of its effect plays an important role, if the rigidity of small, so that the conveyor belt to produce lateral deformation, resulting in the spread of materials, and so on, the general requirements of the core layer of at least 6 layers above, large tilt-edge conveyor more than 70 degrees angle should be used

Longitudinal tearing refers to the belt conveyor in the process of the large dip-angle conveyor, which appears longitudinal tearing of conveyer belt, the phenomenon of serious leakage, mainly by pulling core, deviation, foreign body scratches, materials, such as pressure, and so on, the longitudinal tearing mostly occurred near the blanking mouth, loading materials often contain sharp, sharp foreign bodies, If there is a foreign body pierced conveyor belt, fell to the support or rack, the upward surface of the conveyor belt continuous scratches, so that foreign bodies on the surface of the conveyor belt pressure more and more, until the piercing conveyor belt, resulting in tearing.