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The operation method of sawdust pellet machine
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1. Feed evenly, this advantage is to make granular machine granulation more smooth, keep the machine high-speed operation.
2. According to their own use to choose the right template aperture, some users use the aperture is too small, often produce low, or even not out of the phenomenon, I hope that when the purchase of granular machine carefully asked salespeople should be with the size of the template.
3. Adjust the gap between the template and the pressure wheel, the appropriate pressure can make the grain maturation degree, compactness achieves very good effect.
4. To keep the particle machine clean, users often do not pay attention to keep the particle machine clean, this speed up the particle machine service life, so pay attention to keep the particle machine clean, preferably regular cleaning.
5. Regular lubrication of granules, regular injection of butter, lubricant, regular cleaning template, generally add butter can improve the efficiency of the machine.