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The main purpose and basic composition of the automatic double-shaft mixer
- Feb 12, 2019 -

The automatic double-shaft mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shafts to add water and agitate while conveying the powdery material, and uniformly humidify the powdery materials to achieve the purpose of making the humidified materials not dry ash and not seeping out water droplets. In order to facilitate material loading and transportation or transfer to other conveying equipment.

The automatic twin-shaft mixer is mainly composed of a casing, a screw shaft assembly, a driving device, a pipe, a cover plate, a chain cover and the like. The shell is mainly composed of sheet metal and section steel. It is welded and formed in the factory and assembled with other components. It is the support of the automatic twin-shaft mixer.

Its screw shaft assembly is the main component of the automatic twin-shaft mixer. Its components mainly include left and right spiral shafts, bearing seats, bearing sleeves, bearing covers, gears, sprockets, oil cups, blades and other components. The water conditioning and humidity control pipe is mainly composed of a nozzle, a joint and a nozzle, and can automatically adjust the moisture content of the material.

The cover plate of the automatic twin-shaft mixer mainly includes a left cover, a middle cover, a right cover, a hole cover and a manhole cover. There are six manholes on both sides of the twin-shaft mixer to facilitate the operator's usual inspection and maintenance.