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The importance of chicken feed making machine for the breeding industry
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The chicken feed making machine is the key to good chicken feed. It is of great significance for feed maturation, increasing nutrition, increasing the absorption rate, killing germs, storing and transporting, reducing costs, saving resources, adapting to the chewing function of animals, and improving the efficiency of animal husbandry.


As far as the current situation concerned, the application of the chicken feed making machine in the aquaculture industry has achieved good results, it significantly reduces the production cost, it will become one of the ideal equipment for the aquaculture industry in the future. Bring earth-shaking changes to small and medium-sized farming companies.


The main function of the chicken feed making machine is to process the powdery raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw and hay into pellet feed. In the maturing process of raw materials, although some chicken feed pelletizers cannot be matured by hot steam, they can generate heat through the friction and squeezing of the materials due to the large extrusion force. To achieve the effect of curing and antivirus.


So the advantage of using a chicken feed granulator is still obvious.

On the one hand, under the pressure of the machinery itself, the starch in the feed is ripened and produces a strong scent. The palatability of the feed is improved, and the texture of the feed is more rigid, in line with the entanglements of livestock, and the feed intake of animals is increased.


On the other hand, the pellet feed made by the chicken feed machine is convenient to feed, it is also easy to control the amount of feed, save feed, and clean; in addition, some key parts of the equipment are made of wear-resistant materials. Reasonable structure, strong and durable, long service life and other characteristics.