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The Importance of Animal Feed Pellet Mill in Livestock Husbandry
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The Animal Feed Pellet Mill can produce the required feed for a variety of animal characteristics. It has become one of the ideal equipment for the livestock husbandry industry and is the key to good feeds, for feed maturation, increase nutrition, increase absorption rate, kill Bacteria, storage and transportation, reduce costs, save resources, adapt to the chewing function of animals, and improve the efficiency of animal husbandry are of great significance.


The Animal Feed Pellet Mill introduced today is based on the advanced technology of both domestic and foreign particle-forming machinery. It selects superior stand-alone combinations, including pulverizers, hoists, mixers, and granules. Machines, etc., can realize automatic feeding, rapid feeding, smooth discharging, and good palatability.


The Animal Feed Pellet Mill can efficiently paste the starch in the mixed powder in the process of pressing the feed, so that the pressed pellet feed has a certain fragrance, thereby increasing the palatability of the pellet feed; and the hardness is also Therefore, it is greatly increased and it is very suitable for animals to love the habit of biting hard objects.


When animals are fed on a daily basis, they are often guilty of picking the feed in the mixed powder when they eat. The use of animal feed pelletizers can effectively prevent the animal from eating unbalanced nutrient intake due to picky, because its pellet feed mixes and compresses various feed ingredients.


In addition, the animal feed granulator also improves the digestibility of the feed. Feeding the animal's pellet feed can increase the time for chewing the material and can promote the oral secretion of amylase. The animal's feed to the mouth is fully mixed with saliva to stimulate peristalsis of the intestine, greatly improving the digestibility of nutrients in the feed.