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The effective way to reduce the loss of animal feed pellet mill
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Practice has proved that using animal feed pellets to feed animals can not only provide good palatability, but also increase animal feed intake. At the same time, a large number of tests have proved that the animal feed pellet mill can reduce feed consumption by 0.2 kg per kilogram of weight gain, but the pellet feed has a high processing cost and will inevitably cause losses during the processing of the feed. How to reduce the loss of animal feed pellet mill?


In the production process, if the granulation comminution system is not designed to be very reasonable, then the material will generate a lot of heat at the same time when it is crushed, resulting in the loss of moisture; at the same time, it may also trigger fire and reduce the smashing efficiency. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar problems, the temperature changes of the materials before and after smashing in the animal feed pellet mill are regularly monitored.


The leakage phenomenon of fine powder and dust during the production process of animal feed granulator is also one of the causes of the loss, mainly because the design is not very reasonable, and it will be discharged through the exhaust pipe on the animal feed granulator. Bringing loss is not conducive to the environment. In this case, it is necessary to improve the structure of the equipment to prevent runaway.


In addition, the machine must be cleaned after each use of the animal feed pellet mill; and it is recommended that the user should clean it up once a month. At the same time pay attention to the lubrication of the bearing, and add suitable amount of lubricating oil in time so that it always maintains good lubrication.


In order to avoid the serious loss of animal feed pellet mill, it is recommended that the majority of users must control the moisture well, and the loss will be controlled; there is the removal of dust to make the production easier and reduce the loss of the machine.