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The characteristics of the feed pellet machine in the industry and its routine maintenance
- Aug 02, 2018 -

In the aquaculture industry, feed pellet machine has become a very popular breeding equipment in rural areas. At present, the feed pellet machine on the market not only has large, medium and small feed processing equipment, but has low investment, convenient operation and small floor space. Low power consumption.


Feed pellet machine production materials are generally found in rural areas, such as corn stalks, pasture, grass, etc. do not need high investment. Followed by technical maintenance issues, now regular granulator manufacturers will have a professional team to provide free technical guidance to provide users with comprehensive services.


The feed pellet machine has two major power sources, one is electric power and the other is engine oil. The synergy of these two power sources is the basis for ensuring the stable operation of the pellet machine equipment. In order to make the feed pellet machine operate normally, it is necessary to check frequently whether there is material residue in the feed pellet machine, especially in the gap between its main shaft and the rotor.


The filter of the oil filter in the machine should be removed and carefully cleaned to prevent the impurities from blocking the mesh and hinder the filtering effect. The grease block of the feed pellet machine should also be disassembled, the main purpose of which is to clean the impurities trapped in the oil hole. In addition to the above operations, the fueling portion of the equipment is also inspected.