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Technical advantages and lubrication of poultry livestock feed pellet making machine
- May 02, 2018 -

The poultry livestock feed pelleting machine mainly processes a series of plants we need, such as branches, tree shrews, wood, corn cobs, etc., into pellets, making biomass pellets and poultry livestock feed comply with current recycling, environmental protection and energy conservation concepts. In view of this feature, we must pay attention to it being widely used in the wood processing industry.


Technical advantages of poultry  livestock feed pellet making machine

Poultry livestock feed pellet making machine has relatively strong mechanical properties, because the structure of the main shaft and the connecting hollow shaft is very reasonable. At this time, it can be used continuously, and the performance is also better. The poultry livestock feed granulator equipment The production cost is relatively low, because the equipment is very reasonable in design, so the production cost is very low and the energy consumption is also less.


The technology of poultry livestock feed pellet machine is related to the use of high-density gears in its own transmission. Its transmission rate is as high as 90%; poultry livestock feed pelletizer equipment can also achieve 24 hours when used. Continuous operation, on the one hand, will have its own advantages of high efficiency and economy.


Lubrication of poultry livestock feed pellet making machine

When it comes to the lubrication of poultry livestock feed pelletizer equipment, it is important to note that the cabinet part of the machine will be equipped with an oil gauge. Before driving, you must pay attention to all refueling, and you can add it in accordance with the temperature rise and operating conditions of each bearing. The worm gear box must pay attention to the long-term storage of engine oil, the oil level is the worm gear all invade the oil. If it is frequently used, it will need to change the new oil every three months. The bottom of the worm gear box has an oil plug and can be used for oil. .


When the poultry livestock feed pellet machine is being refueled, care must be taken not to allow the oil to spill out of the cup, and not to flow around the machine or on the ground. Because the oil is easy to make the material pollution, affect product quality.