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Straw hay pellet mill is better and environmentally friendly than straw briquetting machine
- May 28, 2018 -

With the promotion of low-carbon and environmental protection, the biomass energy industry is developing at a rapid pace, and the equipment for biomass energy is constantly being upgraded. Straw hay pellet mills and straw briquetting machines are two such machines. So where are the differences between them?


From the point of view of origin, both the straw hay pellet mill and the straw briquette machine are similar, so if you trace back the source, the straw hay mill and the straw briquette machine can be traced back to the pellet machines used for feed. It is on this basis that Modified after molding.


From the aspect of the appearance of the finished product, the difference is very obvious. The straw hay grain mill is mainly used for the preparation of granular materials; and the straw briquetting machine can make large blocks with a diameter of 10 cm, and can also be made into cylindrical, square, etc. Characters, due to the product extruded from the straw briquetting machine, due to its large size, it cannot be fully burned when it is burned.


So looking at it, straw hay pellet mills are a relatively good choice. Straw granules can be fully burned due to their small size, and they are highly efficient and energy-saving. They are favored by customers. Moreover, the equipment has made an extremely important contribution to the environmental protection industry.


Straw hay pellet mill can process raw materials such as straw and branches into finished products of different specifications under the premise of energy saving. It can be used as a substitute for coal, petroleum, etc. as fuel to protect the increasingly shortage of natural energy and discharge harmful substances. The content has been rigorously tested by the relevant departments and is in full compliance with energy saving and emission reduction.


Since the straw hay pellet mill processes raw materials such as surplus crops, branches, tree poles, bark, and leaves of crops, on the one hand, it prevents the environmental damage caused by the decay of these raw materials due to the passage of time and the environmental pollution caused by direct incineration. The processed straw coal is used in various industries to increase the value of raw materials and create wealth for users.