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Straw hay feed pellet machine motor maintenance
- Jul 02, 2018 -

In the process of using the straw hay feed pellet machine, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the equipment itself, it is necessary to regularly maintain the pellet mill so that the pellet mill operates normally. Of course, the power system of the straw hay pellet machine should be maintained and maintained on a regular basis to prevent malfunctions and ensure safe and smooth operation of the motor.


The maintenance of the straw hay pellet machine motor starts from the cleaning motor and often cleans the oil and dust on the motor. If the use of harsh environment is relatively large, it is recommended that we periodically clean the motor every few days to ensure the clean and running of the motor. smoothly.


At the same time, check the screw position of the fixed part and check for any looseness. If it is loose, stop working. We must tighten it immediately to prevent accidents. And check the transmission parts, the coupling part has no flaws and damage, the damage of the coupling will cause a lot of hidden dangers, so that timely replacement, effectively avoid a lot of safety accidents.


In addition, the inspection and maintenance of the drive bearing part of the straw hay pellet machine motor is a top priority. After the motor's bearings are used for a period of time, they should be promptly cleaned, replaced with lubricating grease and mechanical oil, and cleaned and replaced, should be determined with the motor running time, the general replacement frequency is about half a year the motor should clean up and replace the lubricating grease and mechanical oil, so as to better drive the straw hay feed pellet machine operation.