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Stainless steel double shaft paddle mixer product features
- Nov 30, 2018 -

The stainless steel double-shaft paddle mixer is a device that humidifies and stirs the powdery material while synchronously rotating it with a pair of screw shafts with stirring blades. The equipment has high mixing efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, clean and environmental protection, and is widely used for humidifying, stirring and conveying solid particulate materials or powders.

During the operation of the stainless steel double-shaft paddle mixer, the whole mixing and conveying process is completed in the closed loop, which effectively avoids material leakage and is clean and environmentally friendly. The device integrates stirring, humidification and transportation at the same time, and has good mixing uniformity, high production efficiency and large production capacity. The mixing blade is made of wear-resistant material and has a special surface treatment for high wear resistance.

The stainless steel double-shaft paddle mixer has a compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance and low running noise. Thanks to the advanced and reasonable design, it ensures smooth transmission, reduces power loss, and can be operated at a variable speed. The structure of the discharge door is improved, the sealing surface of the seal is increased, and the sealing property is better without leakage. The uniquely designed return air system ensures a smooth airflow during all-round feeding.