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Rolling Form Improvement and Failure Prevention of Poultry Feed pellet Equipment
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Improvement of rolling form of poultry feed pellet equipment:


The rolling form of the roller determines the important factors of the production efficiency, power consumption, mold wear, molding and other indicators of the poultry feed pellet equipment, through the roller rolling on the poultry feed granulator equipment The design is improved, and measures such as increasing the pressure, reducing the ineffective wear, and reducing the force of the pressure roller are proposed, so that the material can easily form a more effective pressing zone in the granulation room, and the pressure of a single die hole is greater, which is favorable for poultry feed. The lamination molding improves the material discharge rate and improves the production efficiency of the equipment.


Poultry feed pellet equipment operating parameters set to be reasonable:


The operating parameters of the pellet equipment have a direct impact on the material's kinematics, which in turn has an important influence on the production efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, the working parameters of the equipment should be ensured during production. In order to improve the production efficiency of the pellet equipment, generally the design of the pelletizer press wheel and the mold is improved, and according to the improved pressure wheel and mold, the best working parameters are matched so that the mold and the material are matched. Maximize the productivity of your equipment.


Improvement of transmission efficiency of poultry feed pellet equipment:


The transmission efficiency of the speed reduction mechanism on the poultry feed granulator equipment affects the size of the granulator equipment production efficiency. When the transmission efficiency is biased, the actual power consumption of the equipment will be reduced. When designing the drive system of the pellet equipment, the actual useful power of the equipment can be increased by increasing the efficiency of the transmission system so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.


Poultry feed pellet equipment early preventive measures:


The ancients often said that in order to prevent problems, on the prevention of breakdown of poultry feed pellet equipment, it should be noted that the granulator equipment should be placed in a dry room for use, and it must not contain corrosive gases such as acids in the atmosphere. The use of the place; should regularly check the poultry feed pellet equipment to see if the work is normal, a monthly inspection, check the contents of the worm, the bolt on the lubrication block, the bearing and other active parts are flexible and wear , found that defects should be promptly repaired, no longer continue to use.