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Proper installation of feed mixer blades
- Jun 29, 2018 -

For feed mixers, the installation of the blades is a key factor directly related to the mixing performance. If the installation is not proper, the feed mixer cannot be used to achieve the desired superior performance. So, what exactly does the blade of a feed mixer fit in?


The blade plays an important role in the feed mixer. When working, the vertical auger blades push the material upwards to the open end of the auger and throw it out. The material falls to the bottom of the machine and is pushed up again by the stirrer blades. In this way, the feed is uniformly mixed after repeated cycles. Therefore, we must be correct about the installation method of the feed mixer blades.


When installing the blade of the feed mixer, four blades shall be installed on each pitch according to the formation mechanism of the material fluidization zone and the balanced force of the shaft; the installation angle is 45°, and No. 45 is used between the sheet and the hollow shaft. The steel is connected by welding to make a support rod.


The support bar used here is a solid steel pipe, which can increase the stability of the entire feed mixer and increase the service life. The blade and the support rod are connected by welding. Welded parts are simple to process, with small margins and relatively clear forces. At the same time, the welded joints have high rigidity and good integrity.