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Prohibited operation of pellet feed machine
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1, is strictly prohibited in the pellet feed machine loaded with material on the boot operation, every time before the machine should be cleaned all the material before the boot work.
2. In the course of operation, the operator shall not open the die cover and side cover of the granule machine without authorization.
3. It is strictly prohibited to overhaul any parts of machinery without closing the switch.
4, in the pellet feed machine when the jam phenomenon occurs, strictly prohibit the use of hands or iron bars, such as cleaning up the blockage, but should be shut down after the power supply to the blockage of debris clean-up.
5, strictly prohibit the use of more than the feed machine rated current other current to boot work.
Pellet feed machine is strictly prohibited when using the above steps, only in this way can ensure safe production, for enterprises and individuals to bring profits.