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Processing methods and advantages of the poultry feed hammer
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The pulverization of the poultry feed hammer is a process in which the external force overcomes the cohesive force between the intermolecular molecules and the penguin is broken. The basic methods are as follows.

1. Crushing: It is mainly a component that runs at high speed, and its impact is broken. The method has high productivity and low calorific value, and the gray powder is less suitable for adding brittle materials.

2. Quality: Using the hard surface of the two original discs with cogging, the feed is shredded and rubbed. The advantage is that the manufacturing cost is lower and the required power is smaller. The disadvantage is that the ground temperature of the mill is higher. High, powder, and fineness is not easy to control. Suitable for processing materials with large plasticity.

3. Crushing: Using two smooth rolls with smooth surface to rotate at the same speed to crush the feed, it is often used to crush barley and other feeds for large livestock breeding.