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Process of successfully building an automatic feed production line
- Mar 27, 2018 -

A complete automatic feed production line refers to all the equipments that are used in the process from materials to the finished feed pellets. So how to set up these equipments together?


Generally, every link of the automatic feed production line is very easy-understanding which includes crushing equipment, granulating equipment, conveying equipment, cooling and drying screening equipment, packaging equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Of course, there may be differences of the production line among different manufacturers. What we do is to design according to the material condition, height and limitation of equipment, so as to form a fully automatic feed production line with reasonable design and customer satisfaction.


In general, the feed machinery company will give some technical guidance before designing the automatic feed production line. Sometimes they may send specialized technical engineer or the staff before the start of design drawings, design concept and reasonable scheme.


In addition, with regarding to the automatic feed production line machine installation, the professional company will send personnel to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline.  At the same time, the company will also give customers the training on the machine equipment operation, so that the customer can understand and be familiar with the various equipment.


Under normal circumstances, automatic feed production line manufacturers have a clear warranty service about pelleting machine, mixing machine, grinder and other equipments. All machines of automatic feed production line will be after service, as long as in the period of the warranty period.