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Process level and application characteristics of automatic feed production line
- May 21, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of the level of production technology, a fully automated feed production line has also been adopted in the field of feed processing. In the automatic feed production line, the precision control of the ingredients is very important. Currently, during the process of automatic batching, the batching system can be divided into four parts based on the amount of raw materials and the physical and chemical properties of the materials.


Usually, in the batching system of the automatic feed production line, these four parts are the carrier and constant ingredient automatic batching system, the vitamin premix automatic batching system, the micro mineral salt premix automatic batching system and the low-dose trace elements. And other micro-additive artificial ingredients addition system. The process has the advantages of scientific flow, reasonableness, practicality and short route, and can effectively avoid cross-contamination between materials.


For a fully automated feed production line, the degree of automation of the batching process used will directly affect the overall production accuracy. At the same time, each dust removal point is separately processed, so that the dust can be well controlled. The process is generally applied to large-scale premixed feed processing lines. At present, the pre-mixed feed processing technology is gradually moving in a new direction. In particular, major issues in the production of pre-mixed feeds, such as the accuracy and accuracy of ingredients, mixing uniformity, residual and cross-contamination, and dust control, have also received widespread attention.


Everyone should know that during the operation of the automatic feed production line, the precision control of ingredients is very important. At present, in order to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of pre-mix feed ingredients, many companies have begun to use electronic micro-mixer scales. The use of electronic micro-mixing scales can not only improve the accuracy and accuracy of ingredients in pre-mixed feeds, but also reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the working environment of workers.


In addition, due to different production requirements, the user also needs to ensure that the selected process is reasonable during the use of the fully automated feed production line. Of course, the technical level of further automatic feed production lines is also an important measure to ensure product quality and improve the production environment of feed processing plants.