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Process and scope of use of animal feed pellet machine
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Animal feed pellet machine is very suitable for processing feed pellets for livestock, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens and rabbits. To a certain extent, it is a domestic advanced feed processing machine for dry and dry. Animal feed pellet machine has compact structure, low noise, low failure, continuous production of non-card machine, key parts pressure roller and template are made of high quality alloy steel by vacuum furnace heat treatment manufacturing process, long service life is extended, various types of straw and grass stalk After pulverization, the amount can be more than the above. 

The animal feed pellet machine can effectively add the mixed powdered feed to the hopper during the working process, so that the pellet can be directly pressed, the raw material is dried and dried, no drying is required, the pellet is hard and smooth, and the molding rate is high. Starch gelatinized protein coagulation and denaturation, improve nutritional value and digestion and absorption capacity, ensure feed quality and long-term storage.

The scope of use of animal feed pellet machine

Mainly use rural breeding professional households and small farms, rabbit farms. Crude fiber granulation such as: wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds and other crop straws are fed with pellets for feeding poultry and pigs, which can improve feed conversion ratio (ie, rate of return) compared with powder.

The granulated feed is used to feed the fattening pigs, and the average daily gain is increased, and the feed-to-meat ratio is lowered; when fed the broiler, the feed-to-meat ratio can be lowered. Storage and transportation are more economical. Granulation generally increases the bulk density of the feed, which reduces the storage capacity and saves shipping costs. Good mobility and easy management. Many powders are especially velvet feeds with a small specific gravity, and feeds containing molasses or high fat and urea are often adhered to the stock.