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Poultry feed mixer machine is a professional feed processing equipment
- Dec 13, 2018 -

The poultry feed mixer machine is an efficient mixing equipment, which is widely used in the mixing of powder in the chemical, food, feed and other related industries, and a high-precision and high-efficiency mixer for solid-liquid (adding a small amount of liquid to the powder). The main shaft of the machine is equipped with two kinds of speeds. The high speed is used for mixing low speed and can be used for discharging. The mixer can be started directly.

When the poultry feed mixer machine is performing the stirring operation, the material inside the machine acts on the radial side along the inner wall of the cylinder under the action of the scraper, and on the other hand, splashes along the line direction of the two sides of the scraper. When the material flows through the flying knife (double speed), the flying knife that is rotated at high speed is strongly dispersed. Under the combined action of the scraper and the flying knife, the material is continuously convected, diffused and flipped, thereby reaching in a very short time. Evenly mixed.

In general, the poultry feed mixer machine is currently a convenient, high-precision and high-efficiency mixing device, which can be used to stir various powder or pellet feeds such as chicken, pig, fish, shrimp, etc., especially suitable for pellet feed or medicine. Stir various chemical dry powder, powder or granules, feed mixer, which is a small feed processing equipment designed for rural farmers, small farms, small and medium-sized cooperative feed plants.