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Operating characteristics of the alfalfa feed pellet machine
- Dec 20, 2018 -

The multi-function alfalfa feed pellet machine is based on the mechanical circular motion and is driven by the power of the motor or diesel engine to drive the gear or pulley to the main shaft and the flat die. Under the action of the friction force, the pressure roller rotates. The pressure roller is extruded from the die hole under the extrusion, and the prepared pellets are sent out of the body through the discharge port through the tray.

The user can adjust the cutter according to the actual situation during the operation, thereby changing the length of the pellets produced by the mash pellet machine. The material can be dried and dried out without drying. The transmission mode is universal joint shaft transmission, low energy consumption, high output, stable operation and convenient operation. This machine adopts the new technology of extrusion granulation and polishing, which completely solves the key technical problems such as low addition of organic raw materials, difficulty in granulation, and drying and pulverization of raw materials.

In addition,in the operation of the mash pellet machine, due to the reasonable structural design, the friction is small, the energy consumption is reduced, and the productivity is improved. It can produce cylindrical feed pellets of different lengths, and the produced pellets are uniform, smooth, round and high in strength, which can enhance the appetite of animals and increase feed intake.