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Measures to improve the production efficiency of livestock feed pellet machine
- Dec 11, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the  livestock industry, the level of feed production technology has also been continuously improved. At present, pellet feed production production has been popularized in feed mills. The primary equipment in the pellet feed production process is the poultry livestock feed granulator. The production efficiency of the pellet machine seriously affects the economic benefits of the feed mill.

So how do you further improve the production efficiency of livestock feed pellet machine? First, a reasonable pellet feed production process should be designed. At present, the more common granular feed production process consists of three parts: pretreatment (feeding, quenching and tempering, magnetic separation), granulation and post-treatment (cooling, crushing, grading, etc.)These three parts are mutually constrained and determine the processing quality and economy of pellet feed.

The second is to correctly operate the livestock feed pellet machine according to the procedure, usually by first granulating, then gradually opening the steam valve, adjusting the feeder speed, further adjusting the feeder speed, so that the working current is close to the rated value, and adjust the steam flow accordingly, so that the temperature and humidity of the material after quenching and tempering are suitable. Then adjust the cutter to make the length of the pellets suitable. After everything is normal and enter the cooler.